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Cape Coral Veteran for Florida House



"I fought for this country and our democracy. I want veterans like me and everyone in our community to be respected, taken care of, and be able to enjoy the beautiful area that we have here in Florida."

Denise has served in the Army National Guard and Reserve Commands with tours during Operation Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom. She served as the Chief of Audit Operations with the New Jersey National Guard. McCleary will apply her military logistical, operational, and ethical standards to fight for the people in Tallahassee. 

Denise McCleary is an active member and supporter of her local Veterans of Foreign Wars, (VFW). She served as a post Quartermaster, District Quartermaster, and has received many awards including State VFW Award for Aide De Camp for helping her local VFW from being closed down.



Making insurance affordable and work for everyday Floridians

Ensuring everyone has access to affordable housing 

Expanding access to affordable healthcare to Floridians, including Medicaid

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